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A Daddy for Millions

Visit Jesus Comes Garden in India

Visit Jesus Comes Garden in India! Spend your time at the feet of the Lord!

37% of people in India live below the poverty line

The Arjun Sengupta Report, based on data between the period 1993-94 and 2004–05, states that 77% of Indians (955 million) live on less than Rs. 20 a day (about $0.50 per day). The N.C. Saxena Committee report states, on account of calorific intake apart from nominal income, that 50% of Indians live below the poverty line. A study by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative using a Multi-dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) found that there were 657 million people (53.7% of population) living in poverty in India.

Jesus Comes Outreach programs

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Feed the Hungry and Poor

We feed the hungry and poor on the streets who have no homes.

Know about how we feed the hungry

We serve as a family

Bro. Paulraj Moses and family

Greyhound Therapy

The homeless people can be seen in many cities of America. The city governments spend millions of dollars to feed and provide shelters to the homeless on the streets. The tourism spots like Hawaii have a lot of issues with homeless. Primarily, the tourists are not interested to travel to places where there are homeless….

Strengthen your marriage by communicating

In Indian culture, the divorces were rare. The trend is changing, now the divorce is chosen by husbands or wives as a quick fix to end their marriages. In other words, to stop the communication to each other. Every marriage that you see as perfect is not perfect at all. A husband and wife who…

Reward for being patient

I received two free gift cards in the past few months. One was from McDonalds who offered me a free sandwich. The second one was from the grocery store called Target. Both the gift cards were offered to me for being patient. At the McDonalds, I ordered a sandwich but it was not available at…