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37% of people in India live below the poverty line

The Arjun Sengupta Report, based on data between the period 1993-94 and 2004–05, states that 77% of Indians (955 million) live on less than Rs. 20 a day (about $0.50 per day). The N.C. Saxena Committee report states, on account of calorific intake apart from nominal income, that 50% of Indians live below the poverty line. A study by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative using a Multi-dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) found that there were 657 million people (53.7% of population) living in poverty in India.

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Categories: Life Enrichment

I was travelling in the train from Kerala to Hyberabad to attend a job interview. I had the plan in place to go to see a friend who lives in the same city where the company was. I also had the address of an uncle of mine who lives in a different city.

In the train I met two people I became friends with. One of people was so kind to me. He bought coffee and food for me in the train. When we were getting down in the Hyderabad train station, this friend asked me to take a hotel room in Hyberabad, stay there and go to the interview next day instead of going to the friend whose house I planned to go initially. This fiend asked me to see my uncle before going to the interview. After giving his home address, this friend simply vanished in the crowd.

I did not have enough money to rent a room. The other person whom I have met in the same train told me he would pay for my hotel room. I stayed in the hotel, and the next day I started my research to find about the company where I’m going to the interview. I went to see my uncle who knew the company I was going to interview for. I was baffled when I came to know sitting in his room with another friend of his who knew the manager who was going to interview me. I was given a referral and finally got the job.

I joined the company. After a month or so, I sent a thank you letter to the friend whom I met at the train. The letter came back. I used the address he provided to find him. I was not successful. I don’t know whether he gave me wrong address, or he moved or he does not exist. But I know that he changed the direction where I was planning to go. He became a tool to get my first job.

All the incidents and players happened in that journey played a big part in the success in my life – the train, the people I met, staying at the hotel, meeting my uncles, meeting my uncle’s friend. The incidents Synchronicity is not simply coincidental. They all happened for a purpose. It is divine.

If you have experienced synchronicity, it is for a great purpose to take you to your destiny.

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