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A Daddy for Millions

Visit Jesus Comes Garden in India

Visit Jesus Comes Garden in India! Spend your time at the feet of the Lord!

37% of people in India live below the poverty line

The Arjun Sengupta Report, based on data between the period 1993-94 and 2004–05, states that 77% of Indians (955 million) live on less than Rs. 20 a day (about $0.50 per day). The N.C. Saxena Committee report states, on account of calorific intake apart from nominal income, that 50% of Indians live below the poverty line. A study by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative using a Multi-dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) found that there were 657 million people (53.7% of population) living in poverty in India.

Jesus Comes Outreach programs

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Feed the Hungry and Poor

We feed the hungry and poor on the streets who have no homes.

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We serve as a family

Bro. Paulraj Moses and family

Inspiration and Motivation

Categories: Life Enrichment

There are believers who wait on God’s will. They will wait to get a job. They will wait to get married.

There are people who do things as soon as they get an idea in their mind. As an example, they will start a business. They may succeed or fail in the business. Are they really inspired or motivated?

The inspiration comes from inside, and is from the spirit. They will have a long standing success. The motivation comes from an outside factors. As an example, you want to buy the same shirt or a better shirt that your friend have bought recently. The motivation leads to actions and sometimes they don’t have a long standing success. It may be a temporary.

Are you inspired or motivated to do things in your life?

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