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Ministry update for January & February 2017

Categories: Evangelism

February was a month of breakthrough. We saw God coming and meeting us in the middle of all the problems.

On February 1, 2017, our staff and board joined together and prayed for our ministry and our partners.

On February 5, 12 & 19, we had our Prophetic and Healing Service. It was a great time of encouragement to our staff as we are focusing on equipping them during these times. From this month, we are renaming it as “Deeper Relationship Time.” The title explains the main focus of our Sunday night gatherings starting this month.

On February 9 & 10, we had intercessory prayers in the mornings and evenings. The presence of God was very strong as we prayed and interceded for our country. Dinner was served on both the nights.

On February 11, we had our family conference. We heard a lot of testimonies and a lot of people received breakthroughs in their lives. We were able to feed all the 450+ people who attended the conference.

From February 24 – 28, Pastors Ryan and Sebastian came to minister. God did very great miracles. God delivered many people from the demonic, healed the deaf, healed people with knee problems, healed a woman with a broken wrist, and healed many people from sickness through them. We also were able to pray together in all the villages for God to send rain. Tamil Nadu is an agricultural state, and we are in the middle of the worst drought that has been reported throughout its history. On February 28th, and March 6th we experienced rain! This is a great testimony! it is now the beginning of summer here, but God is sending rain out of season! We were greatly encouraged by them.

On February 24, we had our Prophetic and Healing Prayer Meeting. A lot of people were blessed from this time. Many were healed and encouraged. Pastor Ryan & Pastor Sebastian shared the word and prayed for everyone.

On February 24 evening, we preached the gospel at Karupanthurai village. We saw numerous people healed and delivered. Bro. Jebamani who has a ministry called Villages for Jesus did a very wonderful job. The meeting was held outside his house.

On February 25, we had our Family Blessing Conference in Madanvilai village. Many people attended the meeting and they were blessed. Lunch was served to everyone who attended the conference.

On February 25 evening, we had a public gospel meeting outside the CSI church at Ukkirankottai Rastha village. Many sick people were healed and they were delivered. God blessed amazing things there.

On February 26, we had the opportunity to share the word of God at Rev. Dr. Selvaraj’s Church in Thittavilai. The people in the church were very receptive and they were very encouraged.

On February 26 evening, we had a combined prayer meet at St. Peter’s Church, St. Xavier’s Colony. A lot of people got healed and direction from God.

On February 27, we had a Prophetic and Healing Camp. Pastors Ryan & Sebastian trained, equipped and imparted on everyone who attended the camp. Lunch was served to everyone who attended the camp. The people learned that God does not just want to move through a minister, God wants to move and touch the world through them! They learned the keys on how to hear God’s voice daily, and how to bring God’s encouragement and breakthrough to their communities. God is spreading the fire of revival throughout India through every day people!

On February 27 evening, we went to Samboothu village and prayed for the drought to be cancelled and for the prosperity of the people in that village. Everyone stayed late and came to the front to be blessed. It was a very wonderful time.

On February 28, we inaugurated our Jesus Comes Office. It was reopened by Bro. Paul, Sis. Poomani, Pastor Ryan & Pastor Sebastian. They prayed and blessed the office and all the staff one by one. Our staff were touched by the power of God and they are very encouraged in their spirits. Thank you for everyone who prayed and supported this project. We still need softwares, pbx, chairs, printers, fix broken computers due to excess heat, and 3 air conditioners. Please remember to pray for these needs to be met.

We also took a prayer walk around the Jesus Comes Garden. We blessed each building, gate, well, and the land to bring beauty. revival, and breakthrough into India.

On February 28 evening, we went to the children’s home for the kids suffering from AIDS. It was very heart touching to see the loving hearts of those kids. We gave dinner to them and prayed for them. It was heart breaking to see them in such a state for something they are not responsible for. But their joyful hearts and love for Jesus far outshone their experience. The school they attend is doing a wonderful job giving them an education, and raising them in God. We are planning to go back this month and encourage them and bless them. Please keep this in your prayers and help us support.

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