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37% of people in India live below the poverty line

The Arjun Sengupta Report, based on data between the period 1993-94 and 2004–05, states that 77% of Indians (955 million) live on less than Rs. 20 a day (about $0.50 per day). The N.C. Saxena Committee report states, on account of calorific intake apart from nominal income, that 50% of Indians live below the poverty line. A study by the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative using a Multi-dimensional Poverty Index (MPI) found that there were 657 million people (53.7% of population) living in poverty in India.

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Categories: Life Enrichment

India just celebrated a holiday called, Diwali. This holiday is also known as the Festival of Lights.

I live in a small agricultural city in Southern India named Tirunelveli. They did not put on a grand display of lights. But many of us have seen pictures of these elaborate festivals held in the streets around the world.

Every store I have enter is filled with advertisements for Diwali. Even YouTube is playing ads for “the night of lights.”

All of these things have sparked questions in my mind.

Why Light? What significance does it have in our lives?

One thing I know is that light is powerful.


Shut a person up in a dark room and the moment they see a flicker of light, they will run to it. Light has a way of drawing us towards it, no matter who you are.

Light is beautiful.

Light illuminates us with hope.

Light is glorious.

Imagine the sun glistening off the ocean waves. Nothing in this world can compare to that simple elegance.

But light goes deeper than aesthetics.

Light is the stimulant for the mind by which it creates vision.

Without the light from the sun, the earth would slowly stop functioning.  

The significance of Light is deeper than we could have imagined.


The question “what is light” does not delve deep enough.

We need to ask ourselves, “WHO is light?”

“The people who sat in the dark have seen a great Light; they sat in the land of death, and the Light broke through upon them.”  (Matthew 4:16)

Christians are often afraid of other religions and their festivals. But I do not take offense at this Diwali season. It affirms the truth I hold dear to me that every person is hungry for the Light of Jesus! They just don’t know it is Jesus they are searching for –yet!  

I believe that this “Festival of Lights” is an outcry from the heart. It is the voice of a people who are hungry. They are lost in the dark, wandering, blinded, and crying out for their Savior.

And we have the answer. 




Jesus said, “I am Light to the world and those who embrace me will experience life-giving light, and they will never walk in darkness.” (John 8:12)

Then Jesus said, “You are the light to this world!” (Matthew 5:14)

It is our turn!

We are the messengers saying, “God is reuniting the world back to Him!”

We don’t always have to preach the gospel with our words. I am all for radically sharing your faith, because it is powerful enough to change people’s lives and is nothing to be ashamed of! But that does not make your simple actions of grace any less loud.

My husband and I went on a trip for our first year anniversary last week. (Love you Honey!) While out I realized I had forgotten my sunglasses. Who else forgets their shades when they travel to the beach!? My hubby kindly drove us to a little sunglass shop along the winding roads. As we were checking out, the lady and I exchanged names. She smiled and told me her name is Saritha. Once I told her my name is “Laurel” she replied, “Yes. And you are a Christian. I am a Christian too.” Whoow. It was so fun to meet a new family member in Jesus. After we left, I wondered how she could know we are Christians? I wore no cross and our conversation was simple. Many foreign visitors to India are interested in either the Hindu or Buddhist religions. So how did she know? It struck me. She saw the Light of Jesus shining through my husband and me. Saritha recognized that Light.

We don’t just have a “little light” to shine. We have the most potent, life changing force inside of us. And He is waiting for us to open up and let Him be seen!

Jesus is attractive! Jesus is worth reflecting.

The amazing thing about light, it never wants to stay hidden. It finds all the cracks and escapes through any means. Your life is shining Him in so many ways. Be encouraged because at this very moment you are looking so bright!


Everything we see around us is made visible through reflection of light. And the source of that light is the sun. How much more does God add clarity and vision to our lives when we allow Him to illuminate and shine!


Author: Laurel Moses

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