A new beginning
Daddy D. John Rabindranath passed away on November 3rd, 2006. After Daddy’s death, his adopted daughter Mrs. M. Poomani and her husband Mr. Paulraj Moses are administering the ministry.

Bro. Paulraj Moses’ Family
God has granted three children to Bro. Paulraj Moses and his wife M. Poomani. Their eldest son, P. John Rabindranath Moses is pursuing his M.B.A, while their second son P. John Ebenezer Moses is pursuing B.Sc (Visual Communications). Their daughter P. Gnana Ruba Christy is in the 10th grade.

As per the wish of Daddy D. John Rabindranath and the vow made by their parents, all the children will serve the Lord after the completion of their studies. Even now, the children are taking part in the ministry. They have dedicated themselves to serve the Lord as a family.