About Jesus Comes Ministry
One of the apostles so mightily used by God in these last days is Bro. D. John Rabindranath, through his “Jesus Comes” Ministry.

The Herald of Jesus Comes
Strange are the ways in which God calls for his Ministry the men He needs. That was how He called young Rabindranath in his twenties at a moment of crisis in his life, made him resign in 1960 a teaching job he had been doing for 4 years and enter an Ashram (orphanage) with a view to serve God full time, as an evangelist.

The Call
On 9th May 1963, he had a vision of the Lord who appeared in person and commanded him to preach His Second Coming. Even as John the Baptist was chosen to preach the coming of the Lord. Bro. D. John Rabindranath was chosen to preach the Second coming of Jesus.

Apostle to the Gentiles
7th October 1969 was a red letter day in the life of Bro. D. John Rabindranath. On that day the Lord Jesus Christ commanded him to go on an independent mission to preach the Gospel to the gentiles.

Dr.John Rabindranath
There were 3 associates who accompanied him from place to place, as the Lord instructed them. The main feature of the ministry was to visit villages, preach the Gospel and offer prayers for the sick, the destitute, the poor and the needy. He preached in more than 3,200 villages.

In 1965 Bro. D.John Rabindranath had the rare opportunity of an interview with the then President of India, Dr. Radhakrishnan, at the Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi. One outstanding question the President asked was, “Why do you insist that Christ alone is the living God?” Brother replied, “There are many luminous bodies in the sky,the moon and the stars radiating light. But they are all eclipsed by the radiance of the Sun. Even so Christ, who is the light of the world eclipses all other angels”. In the year 1972, Bro. D. John Rabindranath, with his associates preached in the Andaman Islands, directed by the Spirit of Jesus Christ. It was in the same year that the Lord commanded him to preach the Gospel in the churches and also to give messages of His Second Coming, in the cities, towns and villages.

In the year 1973, Bro. D. John Rabindranath with his team visited Israel, Cyprus, Lebanon, Bahrain and Kuwait. In 1974, he and his team toured over Kuwait, Bahrain, U.K., U.S.A. and Canada including Newfoundland.

Since then the ministry has expanded by the grace of God, and now there are more than 600 Co-ordinators to assist Bro. D. John Rabindranath in the various branches of the ministry. In 1975, Radio ministry was started through relay from Seychelles, Manila and Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation.

In 1976 began the publication of magazine “Jesus Comes”. In 1977 three Gramaphone records – Two L.P.’s and one E.P. were produced through H.M.V. Madras, South India.

1978 Bro. D. John Rabindranath made a second trip to the Holy Land. On the way, places like Rome, Italy, Switzerland, West Germany and Sri Lanka were covered.

In all these places, messages on the Second Coming and Gospel were given, Prayers were offered for the sick and counselling given wherever sought. For the second time, Bro. D. John Rabindranath entered into the Rashtrapathi Bhawan, Delhi.

In the same year Bro. D. John Rabindranath had an interview with the former President of India, Mr. Sanjeeva Reddy, regarding the Freedom of Religion Bill banning all religious propaganda which was just then awaiting for the presidential assent. Bro. D. John Rabindranath, who represented all the Churches of South India along with some Christian leaders of other organizations, effectively prevented the President from giving his assent to the bill. Bro. D. John Rabindranath has since then made missionary sojourns to countries overseas, such as Sri Lanka, Singapore, Dubai, Sharja, Kuwait (9 times), Al-Ain, Ras-Al-Khima, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Muscat and many other countries.

The living saints in Kuwait gave the first award for the ministry of Bro. D. John Rabindranath. Till this day many miracles took place.

Widening Ministry
Apart from preaching ministry, cassettes in English, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam were released. further to meet the increasing demand, “Jesus Comes” magazine came to be printed in 5 languages – English, Tamil, Malayalam, kanarese, Hindi and Marathi. Headquarter in IndiaBro. D. John Rabindranath on 14.12.1982 received a vision that he should set up a Bible Training College in his Head Quarters by Feb. 1983.

At present Bro. D. John Rabindranath has a team of 12 persons living as a family with him of whom 5 are orphans. They all share in the various aspects of the ministry. More than 3,000 people had been trained in the Jesus Comes Bible College at Palayamkottai, Singapore, Malaysia and one session in Chengannur (Kerala). We conduct three days fasting prayers in the big Prayer Hall in the Jesus Comes Garden in the second week – Thursday, Friday and Saturday of every month. Many thousands are coming to the Garden to attend these fasting prayers and the Prayer Hall can accommodate more than 4,000 people. Till this day, 11 people rose from death. God gave His servant the privilege to enter into heaven 5 times and once into the underworld where there are five chambers and millions of people are being tormented day and night.
The spiritual children of Bro. D. John Rabindranath are reaching around the world. Prayer is the essence of God. Behold Christ comes very soon to judge the world.New directions in 2007

Passing Away Of Bro. D. John Rabindranath
Bro. D. John Rabindranath passed away on November 6, 2006. The ministry is under the leadership of his beloved son Bro. Paul Raj Moses now.

Board Members
Founder: Evang. D. John Rabindranath
Managing Trustees: Bro.Paulraj Moses, Mrs. Poomani Paulraj Moses
Trustee: Sis. M Chellathangam